Monday, October 13, 2008

Where's Anya?

So you can imagine my disappointment yesterday when I visited my local Target store, fully expecting to shop the new collection of Anya bags (as advertised to debut on Sunday)... with the merchandise nowhere in sight. Nothing. Zip. Nada. Not even the signage was in place; the old "Botkier" endcaps were still there, with the Botkier bags replaced with Merona and Mossimo bags to fill the space. I probably should have asked, but what was a Target employee going to tell me? "They're not actually in yet" or "We haven't had a chance to display them" - ? The fact is that they weren't there, so anything they said wouldn't have helped.

I just hope that they're out at the other Target store near my work, because I plan on going there at lunchtime to try and nab this cute clutch. From the review posted on Target's web site, it sounds like THIS bag line is classy and well-made (unlike all the other bag lines in recent memory):

"This is a timeless little clutch perfect for special events or holiday parties. Its looks classy. It does NOT look cheap, as some of the other Target Designer Handbag collaborations have. Well done!"


MH said...

Thanks for posting my review that I wrote on the Target website about the AH clutch for holiday parties!
You can read more on my blog at:

I really think this is way better than BOTKIER or Grayson.

JB said...

MH, I wholeheartedly agree with you... which is why I've bought two of the Anya bags already, and have to restrain myself from buying more ;-)

MH said...

Agreed, I was not able to show the same type of restraint.....I now have 4 of them :) Oh well, the price of 4 AH Tarjay bags is still less than the price on one AH bag from her boutique in Harrod's or one of her shops.

JB said...

Well you go girl! Yeah, my resolve may go out the window soon, because I keep eyeing the other Anya bags!

MH said...

Hey JB, The Blue/Blag oversize shoulder AH Bag is already sold out, so you might want to pick up the ones you want before they also sell out. BTW, love your blog and I would like to link to it from my blog:
Is that OK with you? Would you also cross link to my blog from yours?
I think alot of our mutual readers would be interested in sharing, postings, news, etc.