Sunday, October 5, 2008

Jonathan Saunders hits Target

The new Jonathan Target Go International collection has hit the store shelves... and just like the other recent Go designer offerings, I'm left underwhelmed. There seems to be a heavy 1980's/early 90's influence here. Take the picture at left; I lived through the 80's, and wore this kind of stuff back then. And his vests seem VERY reminicent of something Courteney Cox would wear on Friends back in the 90's. All that said, maybe I'm just too old to wear this stuff. Remember the adage: if you've worn a trend once (mini-skirt, hotpants, etc.) that's enough? Maybe that's me, and perhaps this collection hits it right on the mark for a very young, hip crowd that wants to experience an 80's revival. That certainly seems to be the trend if you look at retailers like Club Monaco (check out the houndstooth and bowtie blouses) and American Apparel (newsflash: leggings are back!).

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