Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tie One On

Scarves are - without a doubt - a cold-weather necessity. But look around, and you'll see that while there's nary a snowflake in sight, scarves are gracing the necks of everyone from the soccer mom down the street to celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Jessica Alba (pictured).

That's because these days, the scarf has reinvented itself from something that merely keeps your neck warm to one of the "it" accessories of the season. And with good reason: Scarves are simple, chic and an affordable way to liven up the look of any outfit.

"Scarves are incredibly inexpensive, but they allow you to add a punch of color and pattern to any outfit," says Joshua Thomas, trends spokesman for Target in Minneapolis. "Loop them around your bag, hair or belt loop or wear them in a more traditional way around your neck."

The key is to pick a scarf made of fabric that flows. It shouldn't be stiff or shiny; think sheer pashmina, lightweight cashmere, even rayon -- fabric that's soft and has a lot of drape to it. And don’t worry about tying it too precisely. That’s exactly the point: you want it to drape casually, as if to say “Oh this thing? I just threw it on while heading out the door”.

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