Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The return of footless tights

Like it or not, footless tights have returned to the fashion forefront for Fall. Now that other Target blog has a very humorous take on this trend, and I am in complete agreement. If you already lived through this trend in the 80’s, you probably shouldn’t be revisiting it. Nevertheless, there is a whole 80’s fashion revival going on, which is why the very young (and very thin) have resurrected this look, along with (shudder!) legwarmers.

All that said, Target still has a great selection of traditional footed tights available, which are the perfect thing to wear under Fall/Winter skirts and dresses. I prefer the Merona brand for quality, although Xhilaration also has some cute patterns out right now. But for the best selection, check out the offerings in-store vs. online, as Target doesn’t seem to have all their styles available for purchase on their web site.

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