Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Got my Anya bag yesterday...

...and actually, I picked up two: first, the clutch I mentioned yesterday, and also this basic black hobo for everyday use.

I agree with the reviewers on Target's web site. Overall, Anya's bags for Target seem well-made, which is a welcome improvement over Target's other recent designer collaborations. One slight annoyance, however: on some bags, the front buckle simply states "Anya Hindmarch for Target". I like this treatment: it's simple and understated. Other bags in the line, however, instead use Anya's logo mark (the little "bow" shown at left) with "Target" underneath. I think this treatment is a bit tacky; the bow is hard to see, and you really zone in on the TARGET part. And while I love Target, I really don't want their name to be the focus of my bag!

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