Saturday, October 25, 2008

"Missed Connections".... even at Target

Have you ever read those "missed connections" ads on CraigsList? They're pretty funny... so much so that my friend Martine reads them regularly just for the entertainment factor. They usually start out like "you were waiting for a train, carefully drinking a latte; I was next to you, trying not to stare into your big brown eyes" etc. etc. Well apparantly, they've become a wildly popular way to "meet"... so much so that some "found" connections have resulted in happy-ever-afters according to this CNN article. And Target just happens to be one place in NYC that's a top-spot for these encounters:

"There's one elevator in the Target on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn that seems to be a real hot spot for romance. If I were single, I'd ride that elevator up and down."

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