Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday’s Rave: this groovy desk lamp

Today’s rave comes by way of neccessity: my group at work just moved offices, so it’s time to get used to a new space in the cube farm. And truth be told, although my new digs are near a window, it’s still a bit dark. So I wanted to get a small, unobtrusive, and most importantly CHEAP lamp to put in the corner of my cube, and this groovy little number fits the bill. I actually got the white one but I’m posting the picture of the brown one because it shows up better online. Best of all, this little beauty is just $7 (on sale this week) at Target.

Just one have to buy a special bulb for this lamp (I think it cost all of $2.14 for a 2-pack) but please be careful and ensure that the bulb stands upright and AWAY from the sides of the lampshade. Otherwise you might have a melted plastic mess on your hands!

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