Thursday, August 14, 2008

New at Target: Soap Tunes

Shean Ferrell set out to develop a kid-friendly hygiene product to pitch to Target stores. Inspired by a mix of musical greeting cards, Disney songs and chats with parents of young children, Ferrell found just the product he was looking for: singing soap. And Target liked his tune.

Ferrell’s firm began selling its Soap Tunes product at Target stores nationwide last month. The hand soap plays a short song when a child presses down the pump. The tunes are meant to be educational, teaching kids the alphabet and counting skills. The soap also comes in kid-friendly scents like bubble gum, watermelon and berry.

The idea behind Soap Tunes is to help parents find a fun way to prod their children into scrubbing up, said Ferrell. “We wanted to come up with something innovative that encourages kids to wash their hands,” he said. The soap targets children up to 10 years old and retails for $4.99, about one dollar more than non-singing soap.

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grizzybr said...

THIS product is junk. I purchased it thinking it would be fun for the kids for Thanksgiving. When I put it out on the sink, directly from the closet (it had been there, unused for only 2 weeks), it was only halfway filled, and no spilling had occured.The label stated it had 7.5 ounces in it, and it hardly had 3 ounces). Next it took all your might to push down the dispenser part, in which a 230 lb wrestler had trouble doing, not to mention my 3 and 5 year olds. Next, when you finally got the pump down, all that came out was a bubbly liquid goo, NOT FOAM. And lastly, the "tunes" hardly lasted 2 days. This product is nowhere near the $4.99 that I bought it for. It was a complete waste of money, that I will NEVER buy again, not even if it was $1.