Monday, August 25, 2008

On second thought, I take that back...

Remember how I blogged the day before last about how shopping at Target for school supplies was a "no brainer"? Yeah, well scratch that. While it might be a good place to shop for back-to-school essentials in late/July or early August (when Target first puts their BTS wares out for display) it is certainly NOT the place to shop the day before the first day of school when everything is picked over and the selection is dismal. Seriously, I had to fight another mom for the last 100 page single-subject spiral bound notebook. [And on a side note: WHY did it have to be exactly 100 pages? Wouldn't 120 or 150 pages sufficed??] And I also managed to score the LAST pack of graph paper and the ONLY 2" binder left in stock.

One fellow shopper -- a mother almost driven to tears -- timidly asked a Target employee when the supplies would be re-stocked. Much to her dismay, the answer was "it isn't, because we need the floor space for our Halloween stuff. !!!??!!

My recommendation? Head on over to Office Depot or Staples instead. That's what we did when we couldn't find half the stuff on our 9th grader's supply list.

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