Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday’s Rant: this Chefmate mini-fridge

Today’s rant is about the Chefmate mini-fridge (pictured here and on sale this week at Target) which WAS planned to be my Pick of the Week. Then I looked up the consumer reviews on Target.com, and the results were dismal.

Shame on Target for peddling sub-par merchandise that breaks after such a short time! So rather than recommend this one, I’m instead going to offer some tips (courtesy of Family Circle Magazine) on what you should look for when buying a mini-fridge. Whether you need another fridge for your college-bound freshman, for your office, or just for more storage in the garage, there are some key features to look for:

• Size: interiors can range from 1.7 to up to 6 cubic feet. If it’s going on a countertop, make sure the height is less than 20 inches. For storing under a countertop, you should be able to go as high as 30 inches.
• Freezer: pick an all-plastic interior as it’s easier to defrost.
• Shelving: make sure they’re removable and adjustable, as they’re easier to clean than wire.
• Temp control: a dial control is more convenient to set than one behind the unit.
• Door hinge: look for a reversible one for the option of changing the direction of the door opening.
And overall – for maximum energy efficiency – keep your compact fridge away from direct sunlight and heat, which can strain the cooling element.

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