Monday, August 4, 2008

Modern Music

Ever wonder who composes the selections in those “Lifescapes” kiosks in Target stores? You know the ones I’m talking about….the ones titled “Paris Bistro” or “Summer Seascapes” (ok, I’m making that up, but you KNOW what I mean!). His name is John Hermanson, and he’s a composer now signed to Modern Music – a creator of original music, sound design, music licensing and supervision for advertising, film, television, gaming and new media. Hermanson, of art-rock Alva Star and acoustic duo Storyhill (on Red House Records) has had his music featured on MTV, HBO and ABC including episodes of "Six Feet Under" and "Dirty Sexy Money." A multi-instrumentalist and engineer, his music is also featured in the Lifescapes kiosks in Target stores under the name John August, and he has sold more than 850,000 CDs nationwide.

And in another Target tie-in: under Target's direction, Modern Music has also helped to re-write and record two years worth of their iconic "Hello Good-buy" commercials (which I blogged about earlier this year).

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