Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday's Rave: Riedel Vivant Glassware

So your cousin is getting married next month, and as a wedding present you could buy her Riedel champagne flutes – at $64 a pop (yes, that means PER glass) at Williams-Sonoma. Or you could be smart (as well as frugal) and instead get a whole set of Riedel Vivant Champagne flutes (4 total) for $44.99 at Target. Vivant is the more budget-conscious line of stemware from Riedel produced for Target, and take it from my wine-snob husband: you cannot tell the difference between Riedel’s original and Vivant lines.

PS: Riedel Vivant comes in a variety of styles -- white and red wine glasses, martini, tumblers, etc. – in addition to these elegant champagne flutes.

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