Saturday, March 22, 2008

And in truly bizarre Target news….

I hesitate to even repeat this incident because of its crude nature. But right on the heels of the story that broke earlier this week -- about the guy who ejaculated into a sleeping woman’s hair on an American Airlines flight -- it’s being reported that a man masturbated on woman in a Portland, Oregon area Target store.

A man accused of what Clackamas County sheriffs called a “repulsive” act at a local Target store was cited and released on Sunday, authorities said. Deputies said 25-year-old Ricardo Jose Faulk turned himself in and was booked and cited for harassment Tuesday afternoon. Because he was only charged with one misdemeanor count of harassment, he was released. Deputies say no sex crime charges apply. The outraged victim said she believes what he did should count as a sex crime. Faulk allegedly committed a lewd act in the aisle at the store on SE Sunnyside Road. Surveillance photos showed he somehow ejaculated on the 31-year-old victim, then left the store, according to investigators."I'm going to start looking into that and lobbying for different laws, because that is not the same thing as spitting on someone or any other type of bodily fluid. It's a sex crime and it's gotta be changed," the victim said. Deputies could add more serious charges if Faulk is found to have a sexually transmitted disease.

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