Saturday, March 15, 2008

Purse Dogs Allowed

One of my friends has this thing against “purse dogs” – you know, those little pampered pooches that women tote around in their purses? She actually goes so far as to state on her party invitations “No purse dogs allowed”. Whatever… I’m not a hater like she is. Especially since I found this stylish twill pet carrier on Seriously, how could you not love this bag? It looks like a stylish purse from an upscale designer instead of a pet tote. Now I live in a cat (vs. dog) household, and we only take kitty to the vet maybe once a year. But I still may use that as an excuse to get this posh pet purse – er, I mean, carrier.

Twill Pet Carrier: $29.99 (Available only online at

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