Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Not Too Posh for Target

Victoria Beckham isn’t too posh for bargain hunting.

The Spice Girl and her son Romeo went on a shopping spree in Los Angeles the other night - and it wasn’t on Rodeo Drive. Instead, Posh Spice was caught walking the aisles of a local ‘Target’ store. Said an onlooker: “She would have looked like just your average mom had it not been for the security team pushing her cart behind her. And she didn’t look much pleased when the photographers saw her - she’s more used to being pictured leaving Hermes or Chanel - so the shades quickly went on.”

Posh - back in Los Angeles following the early end of the Spice Girls reunion tour - is already making plans for her next move in Tinsel Town. Tonight, Posh will appear as a guest judge with supermodel Heidi Klum on the season finale of the reality TV show Project Runway.

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