Saturday, March 8, 2008

Target Sued Over Dress Design

Diane Von Furstenberg has sued Target for copyright infringement, claiming the discount store is selling dresses with a print that is nearly identical to one of her current designs. Diane Von Furstenberg Studio (owned by DVF) said Target was selling a "Merona Animal Print Wrap Dress" that infringed on its copyright of their “spotted frog design” (this according to a complaint filed in US District Court in Manhattan). Target reportedly stopped selling the dresses on its website on January 23 after the designer sent notice about it, according to the complaint, but the dresses are still available in some Target stores.

Von Furstenberg’s claim to fame was the introduction of her "Wrap Dress" in 1972 – one design suitable for women of all ages and sizes. Her company sells clothes and other products directly from its website as well as at upscale retailers. The “spotted frog design” in question is already used on DVF dresses, luggage, handbags, and swimwear.

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