Monday, March 3, 2008

Jovovich-Hawk: Mixed Reviews

Although the new Jovovich-Hawk Go International line didn’t officially hit stores until yesterday, I got to preview the line Friday at my local Target. And I have to be honest: after all the hype and anticipation, it was quite a letdown. While I knew that the line was supposed to “bring a fresh point of view to classic vintage style”, the collection of granny dresses, paisley prints, and peasant tops are reminiscent of the whole Boho craze from a few summers ago and not exactly what I’d call “current”. Especially since this Spring is supposed to be all about structure, with a return to ladylike looks and an emphasis on the waist (vs. the no-waist empire look which is now OUT).

But then again, to each their own. I overheard some teenage girls raving about the offerings, excitedly pouring over the racks and exclaiming “this is the best designer stuff Target’s ever had!”. So go figure. Maybe this line is just aimed at the very young, and at (cough, cough!) my age I’m just too long in the tooth for this stuff to appeal to me.

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Poster Girl said...

From the looks of the empty racks of the 5 stores in my area, this collection was quite popular. I bought 2 dresses, a swimsuit, the star tunic, and then I bought the star vest on ebay. This past weekend I noticed that the store nearest me had restocked many of the dresses. I'm sure those will hit the sale rack very soon. I love your blog, btw...and I love Target too!