Saturday, October 26, 2019

The Target 20 collab hits the clearance racks...

If you've been waiting for the Target 20 collab to go on sale, now's the time. Yesterday I noticed the clothing (as shown here) crammed on a rack with a 'clearance' sign, but none of the price tags had markdown stickers on them yet so I wasn't sure what the discount was. Then I went to a different Target store today... same situation (in that the tags weren't marked down) but when I scanned the tags, the markdown was 30%.

I noticed very few housewares left; the bulk of the leftovers seemed to be the Harajuku Mini kids' clothing, several Lilly Pulitzer and Isaac Mizrahi dresses, a smattering of Missoni, and the Phillip Lim trench coats and leopard print items. I didn't find anything I wanted/needed, but will keep my eyes open for deals before this collab disappears from stores.

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Catherine said...

I waited too long--all of this has disappeared from Target stores. Word is that it has made its way to Goodwill but none that I have seen yet.