Wednesday, November 8, 2017

New at Target: Wit & Delight's Holiday Pet Line

Kate Arends, the blogger, tastemaker and designer behind Wit & Delight, has already created everything from barware to entertaining fare for Target. Now she's put her focus on a new holiday pet line that's paws-itively adorable. This too-cute collection of pet beds, bowls, PJs, bandanas and more is available exclusively at Target, just in time for the holidays. Decked out in this festive gear, your pet’s sure to steal the spotlight of any family photo, holiday party or any old wintery day.

Wit & Delight Pets, starting at just $4.99, is available in stores and here on


Unknown said...

It's more like a dog collection, as most of the merchandise is dog-oriented; cats are always an afterthought in retail. Will check if any beds will go on sale/clearance after the holidays - smaller beds might be suitable for felines.

Target Addict said...

Unknown: you're absolutely right. Many of these so called "pet lines" are geared just to dogs.