Friday, June 9, 2017

Target to start playing music in stores...

Ever notice that Target doesn't play music in their stores? According to Consumerist, that may change soon, as The Bullseye is planning to pump music through the sound system at some stores.

Playing music in stores is a departure for Target, as the retailer historically subscribed to the thought that music would distract customers from shopping. But The Minneapolis Business Journal reports that Target has been testing music in about 65 stores and plans to expand that system to 115 more stores this year.

A spokesperson tells the Business Journal that by the end of the year 180 stores will be not-quite-blasting playlists of music that is “upbeat, positive and has playful personality.” The music is likely intended to provide customers another unique in-store shopping experience they can’t find at other retailers, analysts say.

But I SAY - as do many others, per Consumerist's online poll (shown here) - keep Target quiet! I enjoy the silence, and find piped-in music annoying.


Ericka Aspiegirl said...

i sincerely hope they dont do this because yeah, the most of us dont want it.. it would be so annoying. theres enough sounds and lights and buzzing in there as it is. maybe thats what makes it different than all the other stores. :(

Barbara said...

I enjoy shopping where there is no music. It is getting to be a rarity to go into any store where music is not blaring. I have often wanted to shop at a certain store, but within 5 minutes of listening to it, I become agitated and have to leave. I have sometimes mentioned to the employees why I am leaving. They look at me with a blank stare, because they are so used to the noise they don't even notice I guess. I am now in the demographic that most retailers don't seem to be marketing to anyhow. There are very few stores I shop at anymore, but I still shop at Target, and hope they don't decide to add music to the ones I frequent.