Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Your Target store may no longer carry Miracle Whip...

Consumerist reader 'Krystal' went to her local Target store to look for a pretty mundane grocery item: Miracle Whip, the “salad dressing” that many Americans sub in for mayonnaise. Employees told her that Target was no longer selling it at all, so she turned to Consumerist for help, wondering what Target had against Miracle Whip. “Why would they discontinue selling a pantry staple?” she asked.

To find an answer to Krystal’s question, Consumerist contacted Target to find out what was going on, and also checked out local Target stores to search for the creamy spread. The official answer is that the company hasn’t banned the stuff, but your local Target might have Miracle Whip, depending on where you live.

“Target does sell Miracle Whip,” a company spokeswoman told Consumerist by e-mail. “It is most widely available in the Midwest, where the demand is the highest. We are continuously evaluating our assortment based on what we hear from our guests and continue to adjust our offerings store-to-store based on guest demand.”

In other words: in some parts of the country, people really like to make salads based on mayonnaise-like substances. In other parts of the country, they do not. In summary, if you want Miracle Whip and you want to buy it at Target, check the website (for specific store pickup availability) or call ahead.

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Shopping Celle said...

They have stopped carrying Spagettios as well!