Thursday, February 4, 2016

Clearance Alert: Select 'Target Collective' Merchandise

Remember almost a year ago when I told you about Target Collective - a curated collection tailored just for men? Well now what's left of it is on clearance on Brands Billykirk and Taylor Stitch have already sold out (and Duluth Pack seems to still be full price) but Owen & Fred, Locally Grown and Terrapin Stationers are now on sale for 50% off.


Shopgirl888 said...

Hi, Just wanted to give you a heads up that three of the newer patterns of women's Merona Classic Ankle pant are available online for as low as $6.50. . . depending on the size they're either $6.50 or full price. (Reminds me of when the colored ones were on sale like that several months ago). Thanks again for a great blog!

Target Addict said...

Thanks Shopgirl888! I did happen to find a cute patterned pair in my size BUT once I got them they didn't fit so I had to return them. The MODERN FIT is a better choice for me than the "Classic Fit", so I'll have to return them - bummer!