Friday, February 20, 2015

What NOT to buy at Target...

Marketwatch published an article this week highlighting several items NOT to buy at Target (or Walmart) as you can get better prices elsewhere. Here's a quick rundown of the "what" and "why", and you can read the full article here for all the details:
  • Wrapping paper & other holiday items (as dollar-stores have better deals)
  • Books & other media (as beats them on price)
  • Bedding (because the price for the quality isn't good)
  • Furniture (IKEA is the place to go for budget furniture)
  • Organic fruits & veggies (as Trader Joe's has better prices)
I'm not sure I agree with all these points... I've bought decent furniture at Target before, and I've also found the Nate Berkus bedding there to be of excellent quality. What do you think, readers? Do you you buy these items at Tar-shay, or do you find better deals elsewhere?


Catherine Edgar said...

I love Targets bedding! Usually buy when on sale though.
I also love their wrapping paper--worth paying a little more to buy at Target then to shop at nasty Dollar Stores.
While I haven't bought a lot of furniture from Target, what I have gotten is of better quality than Ikea so it really isnt a fair comparison.
And none of the Targets by me have produce so cant comment on that.

Paige said...
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Paige said...

^Nasty dollar stores? Ummm ok, never been in one of those. I agree with the books, amazon is the best place to buy books. It depends on which wrapping paper you buy, if you buy the cheap paper at target or Walmart it is the same quality as dollar tree. I only buy Christmas paper and that is at 90% off. I buy bags and tissue paper from dollar tree (unless I am lucky enough to find those at 70-90% off). My target doesn't have produce and we don't have trader joes. I buy organic produce at aldi. I don't think the bedding at target is bad, but I pay more and get a higher quality. I keep my bedding a long time, so it worth it to me. My current set is 6 years old and looks awesome! I think you get. What you pay for at Walmart, target, and ikea as far as furniture goes. Ikea does have some solid wood pieces, which is the best option.

Barbara said...

I generally buy bedding at Target, especially the Nate Berkus brand. I keep an eye on sales or clearance and have gotten most of my Nate items at reduced prices. I have bought furniture at both Target and Ikea and have been happy with both. What furniture I buy there is usually small accent pieces,tables and shelves. I guess it depends on what it is as far as quality. I probably wouldn't buy large pieces of furniture at either place. I rarely shop at Dollar stores, or Walmart, even though they are both right across the street from Target, and I know they are cheaper. I am a pretty loyal Target and Walgreens shopper, and can get most of everything I need between the two of those.
As far as produce, my Target is a Super Target, so I get some there, mainly as a convenience. Trader Joes is clear across town from me, so don't get there often.

Catherine Edgar said...

The Dollar Stores by me are always getting robbed so that is why I stay away. Maybe you guys have nicer Dollar Stores that are worth shopping at.

I agree on the media-their video games arent cheap and they dont have a decent selection.

Amy said...

I buy bedding at Target-the Threshold line is on sale a lot, and it has held up very well! I buy wrapping paper there too-it goes on sale at the end of the season and it's nice quality. In fact, last year I found some in the dollar spot that made great drawer liner paper in my daughter's room!

Music said...

If you buy holiday items RIGHT after the holiday when they are 70 to 90% off - it's a huge score at Target. I'm still running on stuff I bought 3 years ago. Although - IKEA also now has wrapping paper that is super cute. (Re: furniture - IKEA has a wider range than Target. Some stuff is lower quality, but some stuff, like the PS or Stockholm collection, is higher. I think in the end IKEA is better bang for your buck)

And as far as dollar stores go, several of the stores around me can get a kinda sketch, and weird things can go down - even if it's just, um, awkward behavior. Admittedly, the dollar stores near my family in Indiana don't seem to have the Bermuda Triangle effect that the stores in L.A. can have.

Nonetheless, my new FAVORITE is the Japanese $1.50 store (yes) called DAISO. It is the BEST. If you live in California, definitely check on out. That extra 50 cents is totally worth it.