Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New at Target: Pre-cut Fabric

One of my local Target stores is now carrying pre-cut fabric (display shown here) in the sewing machine/mending supply aisle. What caught my eye were all the fun prints and patterns. The pre-cut fabric comes in 3 finishes - cotton, burlap and canvas - and there are "kits" you can buy to make things like a tote bag, pillow, or fabric wreath.

The odd thing is that just one of my local stores seems to be carrying this line. I wonder if this is an "experiment" for Target to see if it sells, and if so, they might expand it to additional stores - ?


Shelley said...

it is so very Walmart of them to try this.

floating thru fields said...

interesting! I looked at mine today but they just had sewing machines