Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Target's "Seasonal Shipping"

Target is offering "seasonal shipping" on most (if not all) items on Target.com ordered through Dec. 19th. That is the cutoff date to order to get items by Dec. 24th at no extra charge. Target.com should automatically set the "seasonal shipping" option for you, but if not, you can select it when you place your order.

Meanwhile, I visited my local store yesterday and hate to say that things were already pretty picked over. I heard one clerk tell someone over the phone they "only got a few at our store and they sold out yesterday" - I'm assuming that might have been the Nintendo or Sony Playstation game systems that Target had on sale this week. And a gentleman who was looking for thermal underwear in the men's department was told by another clerk they were sold out of that, too. I have definitely noticed a more limited selection on certain items this year, like the Merona men's flannel sleep pants that I usually get as stocking stuffers for my boys. This year, they come in fewer prints than previous years. And my aunt reports that her favorite Hanes fleece pants are practically sold out of our local stores (and have already disappeared from Target.com).


Stbettie said...

There are hardly any winter boots to be found, either! I blame the last few mild winters.

Kayerikson said...

I agree the redwood city target is sad! Nothing exciting or interesting for the holidays. However I just hit the serramonte target and was blown over! Huge end cap of nespresso machines when you walk in. Wow! They seem to get a lot of the nicer threshold items here, and nothing picked over. Christmas section also looked stellar. Funny how two stores can feel so different. I miss the designer collections from last year! And in case you were wondering no Sonia tinted mousitzer in linen
I checked!

Elmirag said...

I orders from Target on 12/20 and used seasonal shipping. There by 12/24?? That's a joke! Item not being delivered until 12/29. And their customer service is a joke. They could care less. Target shoppers beware!