Thursday, February 14, 2008

Target Garden Center: going, going, gone?

What's happening to the local Target Garden Center? I just found out that the garden center at my nearest Target store has closed. For good. For reals! I thought they were just remodeling, as they routinely scale back inventory for a few weeks after the holidays once the Christmas trees and poinsettias are gone. But when queried, a Target employee told me that the Garden Center was gone for good, and that the former space would instead be used as "storage" (whatever THAT means....). This isn't the first Target in California that's done this (I hear the Morgan Hill store did the same thing) and I fear this is becoming a horrible trend.

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anonymous said...

actually target gerden centers will be closing nationally per corporate order! I work in one of the garden centers and we have been told the company is doing away with them by November of this year