Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New at Target: Raw Sugar Bath & Beauty

There's another new player in Target's Bath & Beauty section: Raw Sugar. According to their website, "Raw Sugar brings beauty back to the source. Every product is ColdPressed with just enough pressure to extract all of the skin-loving nutrients nature has to offer. We focus on keeping the good stuff in and offer healthier bath and body products that everyone can enjoy."

Raw Sugar is developed, formulated and made in Southern California, and for every product sold they donate a bar of soap to a person in need. Raw Sugar bath and beauty products are available exclusively at Target, both in stores and online. So far I've only seen this product - the Mandarin Orange and Vanilla Natural Hand Wash - in stores, but I'm sure more products will be stocked on shelves soon.


Shopgirl888 said...

My apologies in advance for being off topic --- I just wanted to give a heads up that, at least in my neck of the woods, Target's women's clearance sweaters have gone to 70% off. I know you appreciate a good deal, so just had to pass this on!! Thanks again for a great blog!

Target Addict said...

Thanks for the tip, Shopgirl888!