Thursday, February 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Choxie Chocolates

Remember Choxie? Back in 2005 Target introduced this line of chocolates in both "traditional" varieties (like nuts, chews and caramels) as well as more exotic offerings like their "Hot Chocolate Bar" (infused with chipotle chili) and "Artisan Truffle Tiles" (in flavors like Cafe Latte, Key Lime, and Jasmine Tea). I was a HUGE Choxie fan, both for their inventive flavors as well as their brightly-patterned packaging.

Unfortunately, Choxie is now nothing but a memory, as Target has discontinued the line. I had suspected as much, since Choxie disappeared from store shelves several months ago. My fears were confirmed by this thread on Target's Facebook page. A Target representative states "We have discontinued our Choxie line of chocolates. We're sorry for any disappointment. We’re currently testing some other concepts, and hopefully will be able to launch some exciting new Target-exclusive upscale chocolate soon!"

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Critifur said...

I loved Choxie! Of course it is discontinued. LOL My favorite variety came in a jar. It was the toffee almonds dusted in cocoa powder. OMG I could eat that for the rest of my life. I have not found this in years though I kept looking for it just in case.