Saturday, February 1, 2014

Prepping for Peter Pilotto... has posted a helpful guide to shopping the Peter Pilotto for Target collab (which, as a reminder, debuts on Feb. 9th). It contains the usual tips of mapping out what you want ahead of time (by scoping out the lookbook) and shopping online as soon as the collab hits (which - in the wake of Target's recent security breach - some folks may think twice about). As an alternative, you can shop in store... although not all Target stores will be carrying the line, so it's best to check beforehand whether your local outlet will stock it. Or you can try Net-A-Porter, which will be carrying some - but not all - of the collab.

As for me: I'll be skipping this collab, as the styles look a bit too young (and the prints are a bit too wild) for my tastes.


floating thru fields said...

i will have to wait and see what it looks like in person. are you shopping at target less since the breach?

Critifur said...

Looks great on paper!

Target Addict said...

Floating: I'm shopping less at Target (and everyplace else right now) as I'm still out of a job.