Monday, February 10, 2014

My short review of Peter Pilotto...

As mentioned yesterday, I didn't set my alarm to be first in line to buy Peter Pilotto for Target. I did, however, make my way to my local Target store later in the day, and snapped a pic of the collab (shown here). As you will see, the racks (at least while I was there) were fully stocked and organized. I did see a few women circling the racks and picking stuff up to try on, but they seemed hesitant; perhaps the loud patterns and mixed-prints might be a turn-off for some shoppers.

As for the sizing: I didn't personally try anything on, but the rash guards in size XS and S seemed so tiny that they looked like child sizes, whereas some of the dresses seemed more generously sized. Regarding quality: the soldout strapless dress is made of a substantial jacquard fabric, as is the moto jacket, and both look more expensive in person. Some of the tops, however - like the purple floral and red print - are made of a flimsy cotton/rayon/spandex mix that don't look like they'll hold up after multiple washings.

The best of the bunch, IMO, are the beach bags. They're big, colorful and functional. My store only had one one left, so this might end up being one of the more popular items. And a quick check of shows that the black/white print one is already soldout online.


floating thru fields said...

yeah I was thinking about buying some of the shoes online and maybe a top but I didn't go through with it, some of the stuff looks kinda of cute but I'm not sure how great it would look on. I agree I think the beach bags are a good buy

Elizabeth said...

I saw this collection yesterday, and I think it is all just a bit too much! The prints are loud in a bad way, and the fabric is cheap feeling on most of the pieces. I don't even think my 20 something daughter would like any of these pieces, and she dresses creatively.