Monday, February 8, 2010

Another Target rep. responds to my email...

Dear Readers:

In addition to the response from Target's CEO, I also got the following response (above) from someone named "Julie B." with the email address of "". I am pasting the text in italics below, because I cannot get the graphic large enough to be legible on screen:

Thank you for contacting Target Corporation. Mr. Steinhafel has received your e-mail and has asked me to respond on his behalf.

As part of an annual process, we review our store operations and assess our structure to ensure Target continues to improve both guest service and productivity.

- This year, overall changes are minimal, affecting less than 5 percent of our hourly store team member base.
- Most of the hourly team member positions affected will see only shifts in title or responsibility, and none of these team members will see a change in their current pay, the number of hours they work or their eligibility for benefits as a result of these adjustments.
- These adjustments are a result of changes in sales volume and workload, advancements in technology and the emergence of new products and services important to our guests.

Thanks for writing.
Julie B.

This sounds like more of a "canned", corporate response, although I do appreciate them getting back to me and not simply ignoring my comments. Only time will tell, however, whether customer service and the overall shopping experience at Target will suffer because of these cost-cutting measures.


Allan B said...

Well that's a lie. My son is a specialist and his pay is being reduced from $13.22/hr to the team member cap of $12.60. This cap cannot be exceeded no matter how good his performance evaluations are.

Amy said...

Have you seen the latest post on The Consumerist from their PR flack? While I think the reply you received from the CEO is authentic, I still think something's up. This latest response from Julie B. sounds almost exactly like the email Consumerist received.

Target-Addict said...

I'm sorry to hear that your son was affected by this, Allan. And Amy, I did see the latest Consumerist post. Like a lot of other readers, I thought it sounded fishy....the PR rep. claimed he "couldn't get a hold of anyone at Consumerist." Really???