Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Target's "Name this Collection" contest

Kudos to reader Jennifer who tipped me off to a new contest from Target. It's called "Name this Collection", and if your proposed name gets picked by Target, you can win a $500 gift card. Details are available here, but in a nutshell: just view the intriguing (yet disparate) collection of items, give them a name, then head on over to Twitter and Tweet your entry to Target.

The contest is running for 3 weeks (this week, next week, and the first week of March) with a different collection to name each week. And with the selection of items, there are sure to be some creative entries! This week's collection includes:

• Cocktail Shaker
• Dyson Animal Vacuum
• Gorilla Tape
• Zebra-print Stool
• Modern Stacking Chairs
• Mossimo Black Patent Valonia Pumps
• Penn Tennis Balls

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Jennifer said...


You should get on Twitter! It's fun! :)