Saturday, February 27, 2010

Even MORE Jean Paul Gaultier for Target...

Wow, Target is REALLY pushing the Jean Paul Gaultier for Target collection! For the second time this week, they've posted a "JPG sneak peek" on the StyleBoutique section of their web site. This time, they're showing the designer's initial sketches for the line, including this one inspired by "Hollywood Glam". With all this hype, I really hope Jean Paul's line delivers!


Guardian of Gimcracks/Oyster Girl said...

Hi Target Addict...

Is Target doing a 2010 line for Miss Trish of Capri? I noticed a pair of her shoes in the following Frualista Finds article in the green section:

I also love the dress featured in the pink section with the cakes but is nowhere to be found!

Target-Addict said... very interesting! This deserves a blog post ;-)
I haven't heard of Miss Trish doing another Target line, but you never know. And I couldn't find that lovely pink dress either...bummer!