Thursday, November 13, 2008

Target saves the day (again)

My hubby wanted to go to the mall the other day (yes, really, the mall!) to try and find a new pair of sunglasses. His beloved Oakleys – which, to his credit, he’d had for over 5 years and got more than his money’s worth out of – had finally broke (for good this time). We visited Sunglass Hut with Oakleys in mind… but frankly, given this economy, hubby just couldn’t wrap his head around the $200 price tag. We also tried Macy’s, but it was the same story (and prices) there. So when he lamented “geez, you’d think someone would knock off these things or copy them” I said “if that’s what you want, then we need to go to Target”. So we did, and sure enough: Champion makes some cool blue sporty shades that are quite similar to these Oakleys (pictured) only at a fraction of the cost (around $19.99).

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