Sunday, November 16, 2008

First Look: Isaac for Liz Claiborne

As I lamented way back in February, my beloved Isaac Mizrahi will be leaving Target at the end of this year to design for the Liz Claiborne company. WWD has posted an early look at Isaac's first collection for Liz, and it has some cute pieces. Shown is a trench coat with flowered lining and a day outfit that features some funky 60's inspired flowered leggings (I'm not too crazy about those!) with a short skirt and casual tank. Also featured are safari looks, pantsuits and bright colors. The collection will debut in January, but keep in mind that everything will be more expensive than the Target versions, with T-shirts starting at $30 and coats retailing for $250.

Now the Target store near where I work started cutting back on Isaac's merchandise a couple of months ago, and then today I noticed that my local Target has pulled down all the "Isaac" signage and what's left of his line is reduced to one small rack (save what's already hit the clearance aisles). This makes me sad, but all good things must come to an end. still has a wide selection of his merchandise, including a great offering of clearance items. Better get it while it lasts, though; technically, the Isaac line is supposed to only available through Dec. 31st of this year.

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a. said...

I loved Isaac for Target - it was a great collaboration and thankfully I own a handful of nice pieces.