Thursday, November 6, 2008

Target or Saks? You decide.

At first glance, this bag (pictured) might look like the Anya Hindmarch for Target satchel, at a recession -friendly $44.99.. But, um, no..... this is actually a shot of the Anya Hindmarch Handle bag that’s a whopping $1,170 from Saks Fifth Avenue!

Ok... so they’re definitely both “Anya” brand bags, but don’t they look eerily similar to one another? I mean, it’s great for Anya to bring style to the masses, but don’t you think she’d design her high-end line to look less like her budget line?

Just goes to show how much the lines between lux and less are being blurred.

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MH said...

I think AH knocking off her own high-end bag is simply brillant. Why allow illegal counterfeit bags to come into the market, when she can put out her own AH "lite" Handbag at Target? She did a great job!