Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wednesday's Rave: Isabelle Party

Last year Target hired Isabelle de Borchgrave, renowned Belgian artist, to create Isabelle Party, a vibrant collection of hand-painted, paper party d├ęcor. The collection features brightly patterned paper tabletop and stationery items (like napkins, plates, tablecloths and centerpieces) that turn any occasion into an instant celebration. I just love this line, and it seems like each season Isabelle turns out new designs/themes. I still have some of her oversize matchbooks in an autumn falling-leaf print scattered around my house. And in stores now is her “Botanical” garden-themed design, as well as her “Toscana” print which is reminiscent of Italian pottery. You can view the selection here online but keep in mind that the Isabelle Party collection is ONLY available in stores, with the exception of their "Party Packs" (which is a set of napkins/plates/etc. for 8). Check it out because different stores might have different offerings. Yesterday I spied a colorful collection I’ll call “Fiesta” (in bright reds and yellows) clearly displayed on an endcap. I’m going to go back today and snap this design up; it’ll be perfect for my upcoming Cinco de Mayo party!


hestermomma said...

Hello...Hestermomma again! Thanks for checking out my blog. I appreciate it!! Got a couple of questions for you. Consider this a blog interview. :)

1) What led you to start your blog on Target?

2) Do you have another one that is more of a personal one, or is this your main venue for writing?

3) Do you have a "Clearance" system that you use to find good deals at Target (i.e. making sure you go on a certain day)?

4) Since you live near so many Targets, do you prefer any of them over another? Do you ever find their merchandise to differ from store to store?

5) My sister and I have huge Target issues. Sometimes I think we need help. :) That was totally apparent during the Global Bazaar clearance at 50% off. Oh...we did some damage, but it felt good.

Target Addict said...

Howdy Hestermomma! I'd be happy to answer your questions:
1) I wanted to blog on SOMETHING, but wasn't sure what. I thought "fashion" or "style" was just too broad a there are already too many blogs on those topics already. So I honed in on things I really love, and the Target blog was born.
2) Nope, this is my only blog.
3) For "tips and tricks" to bargain hunting at Target, please refer to my blog post from March 21 ( and check out the helpful article link in that post.
4) YES, I definitely prefer some Targets over others! There's a 2 story Target a couple towns over, and frankly, I find it too large and hard to navigate in. Some stores are cleaner and more organized than others, and I have to say that my favorite Target is in a "better zipcode" (aka, higher priced neighborhood) than mine ;-)
5) Don't and your sister are fine. You're just fellow Target addicts, like me :-)