Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Catch the Whim-sy while you can...

As previously reported, Target is introducing a new line of outdoor products called Whim by designer Cynthia Rowley (pictured here with her daughter, Gigi) who is known for her graphic prints and bold colors. The collection offers products such as beach towels, picnic baskets, dinnerware and backyard games. But catch it while you can: Rowley's line debuted on Sunday and will only be available through June 14.

UPDATE: Better yet, just shop the entire Whim collection online here.


hestermomma said...

I got the hamburger shaper from the WHIM line last week. Can't wait to use it! Our Target just had a few WHIM things out last week. Looking forward to seeing the whole line. Wish she had come out with some special marinades for grilling out as well. Maybe she has and I just didn't see it. If I remember correctly, I thought she had some sort of "mixed drink" thing with the line.

Hope you had a good time on your business trip. Glad to have you blogging again.

Target Addict said...

Thanks for the report, Hestermomma! My local Target stores haven't put out the WHIM line yet, so I'll have to keep looking; hopefully they'll be stocked by this weekend. Let me know how the "hamburger shaper" works!