Saturday, March 12, 2016

Clearance Alert: Threshold Faux Houseplants

Remember the Threshold faux houseplants I told you about a couple of months ago? Well they're now on clearance in Target stores at 50% off. The selection includes a wide variety of ferns and succulents, both individual ones (shown in the basket, down to just $1.48 each) as well as potted arrangements and glass terrariums. In fact, right after I took this pic, a woman came up and snapped up most of the faux plants in the basket, commenting "they look so real"!

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Barbara said...

After reading your post yesterday, I headed over to the nearest Target to take a look. They didn't have much and they were only marked 30% off. I got a couple of the small individual ones. I prefer to wait till 50% but knew since they didn't have much that if I wanted it, I'd better go ahead. Later in the day I went to another Target and they had a bit more. I got one of the wall hanging boxes and a few more small "air plant" ones to add to make it a bit fuller.
Actually the air plant ones do look very close to real, some of the other ones not as much. Still, it looks good, I like it.