Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Lookbook: Marimekko for Target

With less than a month until the Marimekko for Target collection drops (on April 17th) A Bullseye View just posted highlights from the line’s highly anticipated lookbook. Staying true to the beloved brand’s roots, the Marimekko collab is bursting with playful patterns and vibrant prints in bold colors and stark black & white.

The collection boasts more than 200 items (with most under $50) that range from outdoor decor and swimwear essentials to furniture and entertaining pieces. Check out the full assortment here on Target.com.


Music said...

I am going to have a panic attack now simply because I know I need a strategy for snagging some of this cute stuff away from the vultures that will inevitably swoop in and grab items by the cartload for eBay...ugh, why do these Target collabs make me paranoid? You can never get attached to anything in some of these lookbooks because it can become as elusive as a unicorn (or stupidly expensive on the black market).

meresu said...

You're right about the vultures. I just searched ebay and Lilly Pulitzer for Target yielded 1,663 results. Granted a fraction of that might be from outgrown kids sizes but not much and that collab was a year ago.