Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New at Target: Threshold's Urban Farm Collection

Target is certainly pushing it's Threshold line this Spring, with loads of television spots as well as a glossy direct mail catalog (which curiously enough, I didn't get, but my mom did).  A quick check of Target's web site shows their latest collection of home decor, dubbed "Urban Farm".  I adore the rustic look of this wheeled accent table, and if I had a place to put it, I'd probably buy it. And at just $79.99, it seems to be a popular item, as it's currently backordered on Target.com.


Sandee Royalty said...

I just got the mailer yesterday so you might still get it! lol. I really like the styling that they are doing with this brand. It is such a nice mailer!

lightning x said...

That is some lovely stuff! I love the stool, the caged pendant and the galvanized hoop thingy.