Monday, March 18, 2013

Fab Find: Nate Berkus Nepal Comforter Set

I've been looking for new bedding for a while, since the last comforter set I got at Target has seen better days.  It was by Springmaid, and is no longer available... and in retrospect I discovered it had gotten fairly poor reviews on for not holding up well in the washer/dryer.  Like other customers, I had issues with the comforter filling "bunching up" after drying, no matter whether I machine or air dried it. 

Hopefully I won't have similar issues with this Nate Berkus "Nepal" Chevron Comforter Set I found on clearance at one of my local Target stores at 30% off.  This time I checked the reviews ahead of time, and the main gripe was the fabric, which others saw as "too stiff" or "too polyester".  But IMO, the fabric is just fine.  I also think this comforter has more filling or "loft" to it, as my husband immediately commented he thought it was warmer than our last one.  And the pattern is beautiful; I got the King size, and some prints look too busy or clunky on a larger size bed, but this one is just right.

But best of all, Jake Rusty - our cat - approves!  The proof's in the picture. I was about to get a longer shot of our entire bedroom, but while I was adjusting the camera, Jake jumped into the shot, so I zoomed in on him instead ;-)


Anonymous said...

Cute cat--very appropriately named (the comforter looks good too)! I enjoy your blog, and find it very helpful, thanks.

GirlieBeku said...

I contemplated getting the same one in black, but the black looked already faded in the box, I had to talk myself out of it. I like the blue one a lot but it doesn't go with out decor. Looks good in your pic!

Grace said...
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