Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bogus sentence in Target cart crime

In an update to a story I first reported back in November - in which two 12-year old juvenille delinquents shoved a Target shopping cart over a railing at East Harlem Plaza, hitting an Upper West Side real estate agent four stories below - one of the perps was assigned a sentence that is basically a slap on the wrist.

According to the NY Daily News, one of the boys was sent to a group home Tuesday for as little as six months. The sentencing came as a lawyer for cart victim Marion Hedges, 47, said that she is out of a coma and talking but is a “shadow of her former self.”

Family Court Judge Susan Larabee sent the now 13-year-old, referred to in court papers as "Jeovanni R" (actual name Jeovanni Rosario, as has been previously reported by various news outlets) to Graham Windham, a low-security therapeutic home in Westchester County, for a minimum of half a year and a maximum of 16 months. “He’s finally going to get help . . . I thank God for that,” Jeovanni's tearful mother, Rosemary, said.

As a reminder, the other assailant - Raymond Hernandez - did not plead guilty back in late November, and his case was adjourned. So in short, there is no real justice for the poor victim in this case.


tina said...

This is horsesh**!!!!!

Critifur said...

Ugh, awful.