Monday, February 20, 2012

Pajama Style: yea, or nay?

Last week I caught a fashion segment on The Today Show where they were touting kimono-style tops as a key trend for Spring and Summer. Then the very next day at Target, I noticed just such a top by Mossimo in the juniors department (which I'd link to, but unfortunately I can't find it online on

And then today, I see this article on A Bullseye View about "Pajama Style", and whether or not you'd wear it in public. While most of us leave the house in the morning trying to look like we’re not dressed in our PJs, fashion designers have recently taken inspiration from traditional nightwear. Labels like Derek Lam, Peter Som and Robert Rodriguez are dressing models in silky, patterned pants and buttoned-up blouses reminiscent of luxe lounge suits. Sure, the outfits seem comfy, but would you wear them out of the bedroom? To find out, they polled 100 women in Los Angeles for their take on the trend.

Like any slightly out-there fashion fad, some women were a bit apprehensive to try this look. “Either it looks like you’re wearing pajamas or it looks like you made a mistake” said one twenty-something respondent. But most were open-minded about the trend. “I say go for it! I mean, if red jeans are in style right now…” one woman remarked. “I think it looks cute,” said another. Others said they’d pair a pair of skinny jeans with a loose pajama-like top.

In the end, 78 percent of women said they'd rock pajama-inspired style in public, while only 22 percent stated they'd prefer to keep this look at home. I'd have to put myself as part of the 22%. How about you out there, readers? Is this a look you'll embrace this Spring?


Elizabeth said...

I say nay on this. We have gone off the track with fashion and have pushed the envelope of comfort way too far to the point where we all look sloppy!

There was an article in our paper on this very subject this past Sunday. It showed a picture of protesters in Oakland in 1962, and the men were wearing suits, and or nicer slacks and shirts, and the women were smartly dressed as well. Cut to now with the god awful Ugg boots tucked into leggings, flip flops in the winter and summer, kids wearing PJ pants to school and work out clothes in public! Yuck is all I have to say, and Enough!
I lived in France for two years, and over there you would not dare to go even food shopping in sweats! You will be looked at in an odd way if you didn't put your best forward. Not necessarily in your Sunday best, but polished and put together. Living there, you can spot an American from a mile away! Sad of our culture here, that we can't make a better effort. I think it is so disrespectful to show up to a nice event or even a nice restaurant in jeans or too casual clothing. It says a lot. Sorry to go off an a rant, but I can't believe they are now going to this new trend!!!!!!!!

Judy C said...

I'm not a Walmart addict but when I've gone there, and to a quick stop store, etc. I've seen a lot of pajamas. Flannel ones. With houseshoes, ill-fitting t's, and even rollers in the hair. I think this looks horrible. But I think the pajama look as put out by the designers is just another name for loungewear. In some ways it's in how you wear it and with what. But for the most part, I'd feel uncomfortable. There are lots of sloppy looks out there, including cut off and ripped jeans and t shirts. Why invite pj's? I think most young girls would abuse the look anyway.

Target Addict said...

Elizabeth, I agree with you wholeheartedly. We have taken casual wear to a whole new level here in the U.S., to the degree of "sloppy".

Target Addict said...

Judy C: unfortunately, part of the reason kids are embracing this trend is because schools allow it. In California, there are certain "casual days" where kids are welcome to - and actually encouraged - to come to school in PJs. I think they can do this on STAR testing days.