Friday, February 10, 2012

Ann Curry hearts Target

Look who else loves the Bullseye? None other than Ann Curry, host of The Today Show, whom I spied this morning wearing the Jason Wu for Target gold peplum top (which was only available in stores, and was an early sellout). For a closer look at the top, you can check out video from this morning's Today Show here.

As for how she got the top: I'm sure Ann didn't battle the lines last Sunday, nor did she order online. I'm betting that Jason Wu himself probably gave her some swag when she interviewed him a couple of weeks ago.


MH said...

You know, I love the design of this top, BUT i hate the fabric, looks like car or furniture upholstery!
I'm sad to see this. Just cos Ann wears it, doesn't mean it's ALL That!

Target Addict said...

I like the OTHER gold Jason Wu top - the cap sleeved one. I have it on order; I already got the red version and really love it!

Serendipity NYC said...

This top is amazing. The creativity of using such unusual fabric is rarely, if ever, seen in such a low-cost item of clothing. It looks much more expensive than the other tops as far as the material goes. I love it, found one myself yesterday at Target; I guess it was a return.

CH said...

I love this top! I know it didn't work for a lot of people, but it fits me really well!