Thursday, February 16, 2012

Target ranks 4th among big box stores

Consumer Reports recently published their ranking of the top 10 big-box stores. Based on facets like quality, selection, value, checkout, service and layout, the list finely parses the experience of shopping both online and in the store, scoring the stores on a 100-point scale

Surprisingly, Costco came out on top, with excellent quality, good value and a easy-to-navigate layout. Even better, the website scored well on almost every facet of customer service and quality.

Target - with blockbuster designer collabs like Missoni - came in at #4 on the list, after established itself as a fashionable and pleasant shopping experience. However, the in-store experience only shines in store layout. In other areas, like customer service and online shopping, Target does just so-so.

Their key rival, Walmart, rounds out the top 10 list. Despite Walmart's big PR push, it still comes in dead last. The checkout experience and service are terrible, and the quality and selection aren't much better. Online, the value and checkout experience are good, but everything else is just OK. Plus, Walmart was the only store to score really poorly on the quality of clothing.

You can check out the full list of best - and worst - big box stores here.

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