Thursday, March 1, 2012

Target pulls Whitney Houston greeting card

Target is pulling a greeting card from store shelves that pokes fun at singer Whitney Houston's penchant for "bad boys".

According to the Associated Press, the retailer said in a statement yesterday that the card was sold in stores prior to the singer's death on Feb. 11th, and as soon as it was brought to their attention, they began the process of removing the offensive card. The card reads "The next time you think of dating the bad boy, consider Whitney Houston. That's all I'm going to say." The text refers to Houston's rocky relationship with ex-husband, singer Bobby Brown, who's been blamed for Houston's reported drug use.


María Finkernagel said...

I love your blog! Whenever I'm at Target I start to laugh when I see the stuff the post about and I also love it when I see things at Target and think of how a good copy it is and then you post something about it just a day after! Amazing. Amazing.


-María Finkernagel

aLi R. said...

Love you blog too! Is there any way for us to subscribe to your blog?