Sunday, June 26, 2011

Product Review: Rimmel Day 2 Night Mascara

Rimmel has been pushing their new mascara, Day 2 Night (available at Target) in all the fashion mags for months now, so I finally broke down and tried it the other day. Rimmel dubs this as a "Buildable formula that allows you to create the look you want for day or night". The "Day" formula has the the "Length" brush, which is delicate-looking with widely spaced bristles. It doesn't pick up much product and gives a more natural lash look. IMO, the "Day" look wasn't anything special, and not any better than any other brand of mascara I've tried.

The "Night" formula, on the other hand, was a complete mess! It's "Volume" brush has much denser bristles and picks up a lot (and I mean a LOT) of mascara... which is supposed to give a volumized lash look. But instead, it clumps and makes your eyelashes really stick together. It's definitely the stickiest, messiest mascara I've ever used. I definitely don't recommend this mascara to anyone; please don't waste your $$ on this like I did!


MizzJ said...

Ouch 2 sucky mascaras in 1.

Btw thanks for visiting my blog :)

Karen Larson said...

I really get disappointed when a product is so touted only to have it fail miserably. My last mascara purchase (boots 7) was the same. I went back to my old standby brand-MK.