Sunday, June 5, 2011

Paparazzi catches Target shooting the new Missoni Campaign

Apologies for being absent the past week, readers, but I was away on business. To make up for it, I promise to post multiple posts today on a variety of topics.

As my friend The Recessionista and several other bloggers have already reported, The Cut has posted a paparazzi pic (shown here) snapped at the video shoot for the Missoni for Target ad campaign. I'm sure that Target won't be thrilled by this, since they always try to ensure the utmost secrecy for their designer collabs before they're released. For Missioni, Target held a physical preview of the goods for print editors and bloggers but absolutely forbade them from taking any pictures or writing about them in any significant detail on the Internet. In this case, it looks like the paparazzi foiled their efforts.

So what does this picture tell us? First off, it confirms that Margherita Missoni who will star in the campaign for the line. Secondly, it shows us a sixties-style sheath dress in the signature Missoni zig-zag fabric, complete with matching headband and (if you look really closely) brown suede pumps with the same zig-zag motif on the toes. She's rolling a zig-zag suitcase with coordinating floral duffel bag... and while this all looks nice on paper, I'm hoping that the actual Missoni for Target line will offer up a bit more variety and not be so matchy-matchy.


Elizabeth said...

I'm really wondering how this line is going to do. Americans don't seem as bold in fashion and Missoni is pretty bold.
From the comments left on that one blog, it seemed to be negative feedback.

Target-Addict said...

Elizabeth, I tend to agree with you - Missoni may be too bold for the American mass market. It'll be interesting to see whether the line does well or not.

Lisa said...

I love the dress, probably wouldn't do the headband and shoes with it however.

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