Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New at Target: D-Signed Sharpay Collection

D-Signed (by Disney) first introduced their TV-themed clothing line - based on the “Sonny Munroe” character played by Demi Lovato - last year at Target. Since then, they've given us the “Teddy Duncan” collection (played by Bridgit Mendler on “Good Luck Charlie”), and now they’ve unveiled a new D-Signed collection based on the “High School Musical” character "Sharpay Evans" (played by Ashley Tisdale). The clothing items in the fashion collection are based on the clothing Sharpay would wear, with clothes that according to Disney “are influenced by Sharpay’s classic, but playful, feminine styling and strong personality.”

The D-Signed Sharpay collection is currently available at Target in girls sizes 4-16.

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